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Animation Block Party: Animation for Kids
Part of the Forever Young Family & Children’s Series, made possible with the support of the Lincoln Financial Foundation

March 3-4, 8, 10-11, 15

From NYC-based Animation Block Party, the premier animation festival of the East Coast, comes "Animation for Kids," a special program of shorts from around the globe and one of the most popular programs at Animation Block Party 2011. Appropriate for ages 4-8 (and older!)

Part of the Forever Young Family & Children's Series, made possible with the support of the Lincoln Financial Foundation.


Ting Chian Tey / Academy of Art / 2:44 min
Animals trying to cross a bridge, end up as obstacles to one another in the process.

Free to be Me
Michaela Copikova & Veronika Obertova / Slovakia / 4:05 min
Listen trees and follow raccoon!

Slap Back Jack – High Five Master
Mark Newell / NY / 11 min
Having trouble with high-fives and hand slaps? There's someone who can help.

The Games I Made Up
Mary Twohig / Ohio State / 3 min
The childhood tendencies of filmmaker to create imaginative games.

Brett Swanson / Huntington University / 2:19 min
The bedroom of a young girl takes on a surprising life of its own.

The North Star
Peter Reynolds / Boston, MA / 14:30 min
North Star inspires learners to navigate their full potential and follow their dreams.

The Snowman
Kelly Wilson & Neil Wrischnik / Mill Valley, CA / 4:30 min
‘Average Joe' Snowman must battle a gang of hungry rabbits to save his carrot nose.

Christmas Time
Brittany Biggs / Los Angeles / 2:40 min
A lonely Yeti tries to help two kids with their Christmas preparations.

Potty Monsters
Courtney Pure / Long Island / 6 min
A young girl overcomes her fear of the Potty Monsters.

Gary Giambalvo / NYC / 1:35 min
The upside down world of BumbleVille!

Messina Smith / Maryland / 4:05 min
This kid is really bored, and he has a song to prove it.

The Dark
Maori Stanton / Brooklyn / 4:20 min
A little boy makes a new friend in the dark.

A Busy Bee
Don and Jen Skinner / Bracebridge, Ontario / 3 min
It's a new day for Bee as he sets out on his delivery rounds…

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