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All About My Mother

Sept 2 & 6, 2017

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A masterpiece from a director known for bending gender and sexuality as well as genre. Following the death of her beloved only son, a grieving woman (Cecilia Roth) travels to Barcelona to share his last words with the father, now living as a woman named Lola, who never knew about the boy’s existence.

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Directed By
Pedro Almodóvar

Cecilia Roth
Marisa Paredes
Penélope Cruz
Candela Peña
Antonia San Jua
n Rosa Maria Sardà
Fernando Fernán Gómez
Fernando Guillén
Toni Cantó

Running Time
104 minutes

MPAA Rating

Distributed By
Sony Pictures Classics

Country of Origin

In English, Spanish & Catalan with English subtitles

Release Year

Gender Revolt!