“I love the educational screening program at Film Streams. I love using visual media to teach course curriculum. My juniors brought up a film that we had attended when they were freshmen in class the other day. Visual media creates an amazing amount of retention of information and concepts.” – Tracey Menten, IB Theory of Knowledge Instructor, Central High School

“In our post-field trip discussions, it has been neat to hear the students from different cultures make connections between their experiences and the film.” – Diana Saunders, ESL teacher at OPS’ Teen Literacy Center

“The movie clearly and creatively presented some interesting thoughts regarding the effects of cars on not just the environment, but also our society, culture, and childhood development. Also, meeting the director and being able to ask him questions was very exciting, because I was able to see where and why the idea for the movie originated.” – Adina Gray, Central High School freshman who attended SOBRE RUEDAS

2017-2018 Daytime Education Screenings Information

To make a reservation, call 402.933.0259×16 or email dene@filmstreams.org.

School Bus for the Arts Information

Contact dene@filmstreams.org for assistance in applying to the Nebraska Arts Council School Bus for the Arts Program. This program covers 100% of transportation costs.

Enrich curriculum and foster media literacy through the power of film!

Film Streams’ education programs focus on film literacy and critical thinking while expanding appreciation for film as an art form, as well as introducing them to a cultural organization. Committed to presenting new and innovative film opportunities which challenge students to be critical viewers, students learn to interpret films in a cultural context, empathize with characters in ways beneficial to their own personal development, and analyze film as an art form.

A field trip to Film Streams’ Daytime Education Screenings provide wonderful and free opportunities for area teachers to integrate film into their curriculum. Students are exposed to the best new American independent films, foreign films and documentaries made throughout the world, as well as classic films from throughout the history of cinema. We offer different film options throughout the year, and screenings always start at 11 am with a sack lunch provided. After viewing a full-length motion picture as the artist intended it to be seen – on the big screen – students critically engage the medium through guided discussions about art, subjectivity, culture and representation. Additionally, the students are treated to a free, healthy lunch. Teachers are given supplemental materials like resources lists and discussion guides for each film in the series to utilize in the classroom before or after a visit to the Ruth Sokolof Theater.

Our annual calendar of films selections address a range of course subjects, including English, Social Studies, World Languages, World Religion, History, Political Science, Journalism, Women’s Studies, Visual Art, Psychology, Sociology, and many more. All Film Streams’ Daytime Education Screenings meet various Nebraska State Curriculum Standards in Language and Media Arts for grades 8-12. For a full list of standards met, email diana@filmstreams.org.