The Dundee Theater

For close to a century, a single screen in Omaha brought the magic of cinema to generations of filmgoers. From the silent era to the Golden Age to the emergence of international art films and rise of the American indie, the Dundee Theater played it all.

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For close to a century, a single screen in Omaha brought the magic of cinema to generations of filmgoers. From the silent era to the Golden Age to the emergence of international art films and rise of the American indie, the Dundee Theater played it all.

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When it opened in December 1925, the Dundee Theater (“Omaha’s newest photoplay house”) stood apart as a cozy alternative to the downtown movie palaces of the era. The arrival of sound technology just four years later marked the first of many changes to the cinema. At times, the Dundee served as a venue for popular Hollywood fare. At others, it operated as an art house, introducing new independents and foreign films to local audiences.

More than once, its doors closed and screen went dark, but the Dundee always reopened.

By comparison, our own history is relatively brief. Film Streams opened our first location, the two-screen Ruth Sokolof Theater in North Downtown Omaha, just a decade ago. Since then, we’ve worked tirelessly to enhance and engage our city through the innovative films we program and the one-of-a-kind special events we offer.

In short, we love film, and we love our community.
The Dundee represents both.


Thanks to a visionary gift from The Sherwood Foundation that placed the Dundee Theater in our care, Film Streams is now in a position — and determined — to secure the 92-year-old cinema's future.

Our plan begins with a historically respectful renovation of the Dundee’s 300-plus seat auditorium that will repair its aging infrastructure while equipping the cinema with state-of-the-art projection and sound technology. Like our booth at the Ruth Sokolof Theater, the Dundee will be able to screen films in a variety of formats, most notably reel-to-reel 35mm and DCP presentations.

Our plan also addresses challenges to the Dundee’s long-term viability by expanding its floor plan to create a more vibrant community space and film center.

Improvements and Additions


While the face of the iconic Dundee will remain on Dodge Street, a safer, more welcoming, and accessible entrance will be introduced on the north side of the building, with a beautiful outdoor gathering space we hope will be used by filmgoers, residents, and visitors to the neighborhood.


A brand new 25-seat screening room will pave the way for even more hard-to-find films to come to Omaha — including ambitious and experimental new work from around the world — while also creating a home for Film Streams Courses, our new program of multi-week seminars for adult audiences.


Active even before the day's showtimes begin, the Dundee's new lobby is designed to be a true community space, featuring the second location of our wonderful new partner: Kitchen Table, a locally owned and operated restaurant serving amazing meals from the best local ingredients available.


A curated collection of film books, Criterion Collection Blu-rays, and other cinema offerings for sale or browsing will be our tribute to the Dundee’s former independent video store.


Film Streams' Dundee Theater Campaign will support the renovation, build-out, start-up, and maintenance costs for the cinema. Its community impact will be tremendous.

Operating the Dundee Theater will allow us to expand and enhance our programs, while reviving a cultural landmark that’s created countless memories. Film Streams remains committed to the Ruth Sokolof Theater, our home in North Downtown. The Dundee Theater will become our second location, with the main auditorium and the Linder Microcinema becoming our third and fourth screens.

Between the two cinemas, the number of quality films reaching a big screen in our community each year will grow by the dozens, and even more special events with visiting filmmakers, guest speakers, and performing artists will be possible.

Our Timeline:

Renovation work will progress throughout 2017. Our goal is to host a Grand Reopening by the end of the year.

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Dundee Theater.

Please consider a donation to Film Streams’ Dundee Theater Campaign.

Donations by check can be made out to "Film Streams" and mailed to PO Box 8485, Omaha, Nebraska, 68108.

Contributions can also be made by phone at (402) 933-0259 ext. 13, or in person at the Ruth Sokolof Theater during operating hours.

Every gift makes a difference! A donation of any amount is sincerely appreciated and will be acknowledged as the Dundee Theater reopens. Gifts at the levels below will also be recognized in the following ways.

  • $10+

    • Online acknowledgment as a Dundee Theater Campaign Supporter
  • $100+

    All of the above, plus:

    • Recognition in Dundee Theater Grand Reopening materials
    • Advance purchase period for Dundee Theater opening week film(s)
  • $500+

    All of the above, plus:

    • On-screen recognition at the Dundee Theater as a Campaign Supporter
  • $1,000+

    All of the above, plus:

    • Name a Seat: A plaque with the name of your choosing will be attached to a seat in the historic Dundee Theater auditorium or Linder Microcinema
  • $5,000+

    All of the above, plus:

    • Name and Choose a Seat: Further personalize your seat plaque by selecting its location in the historic Dundee Theater auditorium
    • Tickets for 2 to Grand Reopening event
  • $10,000+

    All of the above, plus:

    • Tickets for 4 to Grand Reopening event + reserved seating
    • Pre-opening hard-hat tour of the Dundee Theater
  • $25,000+

    All of the above, plus:

    • Permanent recognition on our Dundee Theater Donor Wall installation

To discuss additional naming opportunities or multi-year pledges, please contact Rachel Jacobson, FIlm Streams Founder/Executive Director, at (402) 933-0259 ext. 12 or

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