Through our truly unique Community Development program Film Streams has collaborated with dozens of nonprofits and community groups throughout the Omaha metropolitan area on film-based events that speak to their missions and programming, and to our own of presenting and discussing film as an art form. This program creates transformational experiences for audiences by providing an opportunity for critical conversation around important issues with film as the catalyst for conversation, transforming visitors’ movie-going experience into an educational one and linking Omaha to larger national and international issues. Past partners have included women’s groups like the Women’s Fund of Omaha, workers’ groups like the Omaha Federation of Labor, advocates for the disabled like the Ollie Webb Center, Inc., groups working to support veterans such as At Ease USA, environmental agencies like the Nature Conservancy, and entities working to strengthen Omaha’s large refugee population like the Southern Sudan Community Association of Omaha. Programs have included presentations of both contemporary and classic films followed by panel discussions with community leaders, Q&As with filmmakers and subjects, and discussions led by experts regarding the relevant topic matter.

The program is overseen by a committee of civic, philanthropic, educational, and religious leaders who look for diverse partnership programs centered on quality film. Because Film Streams receives dozens of requests for collaborative screenings on a wide variety of topics each year, we have created a simple proposal process. Film Streams’ Community Development committee reviews proposals after quarterly deadlines (January 2 for April-June programs, April 1 for July-September programs, July 1 for October-December programs, or October 1 for January-March programs). Those whose proposals are selected by our committee then meet with Film Streams’ staff to determine event details, including the date and time of the event and marketing and outreach efforts to best promote the partnership. At the conclusion of that meeting, Film Streams requires a signed Agreement in order to move forward with the collaboration.

If you are interested in partnering on a film that is not on our programming schedule, please review the request for proposals and application. If you have any questions about the application process or to find out if your film idea is a good fit for this program, please contact Dené Oglesby, Program and Outreach Coordinator, at 402.933.0259 x21 or

If you are interested in partnering with us on a film that is already on our programming schedule, please contact, and we will be happy to make arrangements for a cross-promotional partnership.

Please understand that we are able to engage in only a few programming collaborations per quarter, and it is imperative that such partnerships be consistent with our mission of presenting and promoting film as an art form. There are many movies that address important issues and deliver strong messages but do not necessarily contribute to film as art. While a collaborative film event is not possible in those cases, both our large and small theaters are available for event rentals. For information about rental rates and availability, please email Kate Williams at

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Film Streams’ Community Development Committee

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